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Can I enter the MuzNet Live with more than one band?

​Yes. An artist and/or musician can participate with another band either as a member of two or more distinct bands or as both a solo artist and a member of a band. For example, if  Nevin Thomas plays for unity vibrations as a drummer but also sings with Joy restoration, this is ok.

What does the MuzNet app do? 

The MuzNet app is a social marketplace for the music and entertainment community. Users can browse, search, and message any of the users for job opportunities.

What is the cost to use MuzNet?

The MuzNet app is free to download. We do not charge a subscription or an activation fee.

Can nonprofessionals artists or musicians use MuzNet?

Yes, An amateur musician or hobbyist can be a booker on MuzNet.

Can I download MuzNet on my desktop/laptop?

No, at this time, the MuzNet app is only available on the iOS and android platforms. However, you can watch our content via our social media channels. 


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